Sunday, February 12, 2012


Hey, look at that,  we actually have SNOW!
It's been two months since our last white-out, the least amount I've seen in my life
my yard has thawed and drained, this should really be March.
You don't want to know what's coming up next
I've actually been gardening in February, so my attention has been drawn.
That and a good dose of genealogy

I hesitated on this design for a while, didn't really know if this was the direction I wanted to take

But as fate and time conspire, I, of course, will come up with something

In less than a day and a half, a sixteen by sixteen slab has been dimensioned, jointed, glued, dimensioned again and smoothed six sides. 


Guess I've been practicing.

have to say, though, after a few months without, this really hurts the next day

I knew there was a reason I made that chute board so big!

Have you seen the price of wood these days?

Trying to decide to break my vow of non-power tool use here, this is big thick walnut, and very tight grain near the feet (specifically why I chose this piece) it will take days to do this with the Bow Saw, or but a few minutes with the band...

Question remains, how fast do I want this to go...
how long do I want this to take...

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