Monday, July 20, 2009

very first post

I know, this sounds corny, but this is the first. I've managed to fall into so many of modern technology's traps, rewarded at times, confounded at others. This is the result of a great many ponderings, mistakes and triumphs.
I must explain the title
Grain Damaged
it started as a play on words, a sand sculpture for the first ever Doubles World Championship of Sand Sculpture, my friend Brett Stocker and I were sponsored by BTO (yes the real Bachman Turner Overdrive) to enter the event, we did well.

The name was resurrected for the first Sand Blasters on the Travel Channel

 with teammate Kirk Rademaker

and again for the second and third season with now permanent teammate Suzanne Altamare.

The thing about Grain Damaged is that it at first referred simply to sand, but then I realized its potential in photography, thus my Flickr stream was born, now it takes on a new life yet again, wood has grain, right?
I'll do my best to keep this thing going, unlike Facebook or Twitter or even my own website, I'll post when I can, bore you at times, and hope you keep coming back for more.