Saturday, April 11, 2020


I'm writing this post partly as a way to get my blog read.
Turns out you get kicked off the hand tool work blog compiler if you don't post more than once every six months, although there was a post today from someone who hasn't posted since December, whatever.

Ok I'll give you that, I haven't.

Having two jobs and a five year old pretty much closes the damper on my free time.

When I do work on my furniture it's in frantic minute segments of time.

And I'm usually more concerned with not stabbing that chisel into my hand, or cutting on the wrong side of a line, than to taking great photos. Much less finding time to write and post something.

I suppose I could post every day, but I'm sure you don't want to hear about what time I got up, how my thumb feels, what the weather and traffic is like, see photos of my hand pointing at things, or photos of clouds or kittens or some other crap. I could repost something interesting someone else posted, or maybe just a photo of something I like. And then I'd have more posts.

I'd rather maintain this blog in a more sincere fashion, post when I actually have something to show, and less often, have something to say that's not just purely critical like this post is turning out to be. And I'm sure the moderators will read this post and realize it is rife with spite and condemnation and I will be forever banished from their walls of self restricted editorial.

I'm not a brilliant and insightful author backed by a hoard of professional photographers in a studio dappled by gentle, copious sunlight

I'm an overworked, underpaid, seriously stressed out dude, working out of his garage to replace all the free crap furniture my wife and I acquired during two lifetimes of charity, and I'm doing it to maintain my sanity in this ever increasingly fucked up world. I take photos of what I find beautiful in the shop and maybe crucial steps in the process and I figure if you are here already you have enough knowledge of the subject I do not need to break down every step that led to that shot.

But now, and all of a sudden I have the time to post.

But you'll never get to read it.

Unless you are one of the ten people who somehow managed to read my last post (wait, I'm pretty sure one of them was me), which means you must have followed me and are now pestered once every six months by an email inviting you to peruse my drivel (sorry, now it's going to be twice in a month)

I am experimenting with video and need a more stable platform on which to display it than Instablab

please forgive the crude videography and editing (all done on a mobile device)

Best of luck to everyone, please stay safe!