Monday, July 5, 2010

dog days

When I say it's hot, it's hot
Hot enough to strip lead paint from cheap plywood
these are the days your planes look worn

drips of sweat tarnish in an instant, grain raises in tiny crop circles on your piece
dust doesn't move, weighed down by the relentless summer dank

a row of pins is all I can manage before taking a stroll in the flower ranked shade

another row, maybe a groove

a little pairing

or maybe it;s time to sit my butt down and spin a few knobs

delicate pen blanks in black and white Ebony, too small for anything else, but perfect in proportion to the drawers, I can pull five from each blank and a failed handle makes two more.

I'm just now beginning to see the enormity of the task, only five drawers fitted and over a month has passed, the worst of the summer doldrums yet to come.

Dare I buy a fan?

or just keep on going despite the heat?