Thursday, August 11, 2011


i knew it would come to this

the time would come

I'd have to face the mistakes 

how do i cut a rabbet to house the case back after I've already glued up the carcase

I thought up a hundred ways, each more ridiculous than the last

how long would it take to cut it with a coping saw, let see, nope that would take forever

but then again, if I take the kerf long enough to get my Japanese saw in

but really, maple?

well there's no time like the present, and BCTW still sells replacement blades

umm, and then there's the hinges

oh yea, the hinges

I got these really cool (expensive) invisible Swiss hinges and realized they need to be morticed in, but not just regular mortices, round ended mortices with a stopped hole in the middle inside!

time to make a new tool!

there were just enough resaws to supply the back

a series of ship laps

don't forget this stuff WILL move

a quick set of drawer stops

and a slot and screw for each drawer bottom

my new rasps have arrived so i can finally move on to the 68 bottle nooks

and yes a hand cut French rasp of the finest calibre is a thing of beauty

but rasps still rasp, and these guys are way too small to scrape

the rule of power tools still applies, but power tool accessories, now we're talking

intense debate over the wide chamfers raged until I finally caved I did one, then ten, then realized I really liked the softness they conveyed

not to mention the added ding resistance

It's almost there, another week of bottle stretchers and pre-assembly finishing can begin

damn good thing i checked the supplies

not a drop of finish to be found