Wednesday, October 9, 2019


oh yeah, the blog
last post; January
kinda forgot about that

I mean, I didn't really
I just found respite in a different form
you know the one
snap a photo

add a title
check the thesaurus
post it

easy peasy
its addictively simple interface prevailed

and then again there hasn't been anything much to post
I felt no need to tire you with the various views of the same joint being made


and how do I write about finishing
slap that shit on
wipe it off
do it again


and then it hit me

I'm out of practice

all these skills I've tried to exhibit here require practice


and when one lapses it becomes painfully obvious

and no I haven't blogged in a while

the pressure to do so can overwhelm all on its own

the reader might forget what fun it is sorting images
compiling a compelling storyline
editing (ick)

or we could just get back to woodworking

and forget to take pictures because the process of woodworking is overwhelming in itself

I recently had four, yes four full days to work

and I forgot how hand tools really can be faster than power tools at certain tasks

removing wind and bow from big timbers for one

sure planing the other side parallel takes a bit more time than with machines
but it is so much more satisfying to see that sliver fall off the edge when it's perfect

I could breeze through a series of mortice and tenons
with both the pigsticker and the brace
and knock out a few lapped dovetails, everything tight

 If my life ever returns to close to normal maybe I'll get back to writing stories
and being creative in my blog structure
but I gotta say, it does feel good to just get this one out there

thanks for watching

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

I wrote this a month ago, amid the tortuous delirium that is the holiday season.
Compiling images from the prior month or so before that
so here it is, entirely unfinished, no snazzy intro, we're just gonna jump in 'cause it ain't gonna get posted otherwise

(nothing here, just a breath before the onslaught)

-the big curves had to be at least close, as the groove would conceal all but the most egregious of disparity

using a combination of rip saw, hatchet, slick and spokeshave I got as close as possible, then removed an eighth from the bottom edge so the whole panel will float between the two rails

Simply a matter of trial and error

The biggest challenge by far is the lack of space in my shop, most of the parts are nearly eight feet

definitely bashed my headlights with a plane a time or two

double check the groove before cutting

cutting the tongue and tenon is simple and straightforward

and chopping the mortice and groove is equally quick

What a pleasure when the whole assembly slides home freely-

I had every intention to complete this post long before the new year
I was distracted by other endeavors

which would turn out to be dead ends
then come home to a whole new project

and am still seeking moments to find that one through to completion