Monday, December 11, 2017



I was going to make this post silent

no narrative

no prose

no haiku

no instruction

no candor

no illumination

no proselytizing

no scandal

no denial

no criticism

no pining

no bitching

no memoir

I began to love the liberty of minimalizm

I guess I got sucked in

For those of you who didn't care for this post in its first life

I'll give it another go

or maybe

I'll just save that for the next post

till then, please enjoy my finely rendered carcass

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


This is wood

but not like any wood you've ever known
this wood is from a tree that sprouted from a seed long before any white European ever set foot on this continent
it was cut down by a white European and nailed to the side of his building
it will now adorn the top of a piece for Matt

this is also wood

wood from a tree that was more than likely grown on a tree farm specifically to be harvested and put on a rack in your favorite big box store

it is also for Matt

I will give both my undivided attention

and try to do my best to make the most efficient use of all of it

though just through the simple act of what I do, it will still be an incredible waste


that was only the first round

the final outcome sans two movable shelves