Tuesday, December 22, 2015


I love this blog for the simple fact that it is not just a repository for all my rantings
whether pertinent or not
but more as a linear monologue with photographic embellishment

Sometimes I feel obligated to write something profound

"A Bold New Approach for Cutting Brass"
"Fifteen Ways To File more efficiently"

"Zen and the Art of Shaping Brass"

"Einsteinien Woodworking; a lesson in how so much can go so fast but so little takes forever"

kids, don't try this next step at home

you gotta really get a grip on it in the final stages of the cut and that puts the meat of your hand perilously close to that weed whacker

but when it's all said and done and that blade slides home with no wiggle, the bolts tighten

and with everything in nominal working order I can begin the decorative shaping

I'd been both anticipating and dreading this sequence since the beginning

what I found was; many cuts make much go faster
a few minutes with the hack saw

and an hour or two with rasps and files

I remain unsure whether to leave the socket heads
from an aesthetic standpoint I'm pleased
and there's no interference with turning the thumb screw
the only reason to cut them off is a different aesthetic