Sunday, December 2, 2012


As the favorable season for finishing wanes to a close, the days begin to fill with more important matters


yea, you know...

but there are moments, when the planets align, the weather is warm, and there are no social engagements to otherwise be enlisted

it can (and does) take weeks to get a chair ready for finishing
scraping, sanding, checking the champher, defining and redefining lines and edges and contours
when there's not a single damn square surface (ok there's two, see if you can find em)
it can be tough to keep it all together

I sometimes spend only a few minutes
maybe fixing a bulge, embellishing a detail
some days I get caught out here working when I should be getting dinner ready
getting lost really is the reason I do this

one more chair is ready to be moved inside, the back rails glued, the cut-through prepped and finished and then I may go back to the second chair and make a small tweek.
the fourth chair will just have to wait, holidays are heading in fast, other people need to be attended to and I am usually WAY too selfish

even wonder what a tree thinks when it learns you're a woodworker?

so until the next time we converse...
here's a taste of what monotony makes me do: bathroom sink...