Saturday, May 30, 2020


this year will live in infamy

no matter what side of the Dumpster you stand on this will be a defining moment in world history

I am grateful I have had the chance to spend the last ten weeks with my immediate family

I've tried hard not to concentrate on the on-going crisis we all face, and also not to be lulled into forgetfulness by the conservative side

I've instead indulged myself on being home, a treatment, not out, not a part of the problem

most has been spent with my five year old, and it has been a vast cacophony of emotions

some has been spent in the shop

I paused for a moment

tried out new things, things out of necessity and curiosity

shou-sugi-ban, I mean how cool does it get, make your form, blowtorch the crap out of it, wire brush it and then clean up the driveway

then perform the BLO ritual

and voila

then back to the bed

instead of a single rail on each side to support the drawer runner structure, I chose four mounted blocks, each with an adjustable installation

simple sector math is a must to save time

not what you want to find in your drill press, happy ending, I put this baby in a mug full of the same shavings and she was removed by momma in less than five minutes. I know, this means I now have a bigger mouse problem

oh yea, and I did use a drill press, please don't tell anyone

and finally installed; 1/2, you can just see the block underneath

drawers to come

oh, and the other half of course

and then this week; back to work, to hopefully surf the wave

eventually the bed will be done, or I'll be broke and you will start to see more stuff on here, stuff made to sell

till then, bear with me

the best is yet to come