Tuesday, February 19, 2013


every day this close to the end
finds itself ever nearer the goal
cracked and sore
the twice daily shovelling
has extracted its toll
on my digits

yet there are times of lust
those moments of refinement turn to ecstasy
a sore spot for months
can find its solace
in beauty

I have an hour now
upon arrival
a fading glimmer of gold

and there's a multitude of minutae here

I step away
and bask in its form

and of course find another distraction

Saturday, February 2, 2013


this winter has been not for naught with snow
really paying for last year
but this is good

no glue-ups
no finishing
sometimes it's just too damn cold
so no working

almost no working

it's been a week now,
basically rebuilding the entire table
the geometry works
the planes are flat
and the joinery fits

and no...
I'm not talking about any piece currently in production...

Sketchup needs to be finessed occasionally
flamboyant design can lead to very foul geometry
and sometimes it's easier to simply rebuild components
than it is to clean them up

too bad there's no CONTROL Z in real life

I've spent over three years in notepads, sketchbooks, and on the computer
I've tried influence from magazines, books, and the internet
and each time I return to the original dimensional box and start over

this time though, I think I got it
the dining room table is finally beginning to reveal itself

and then Arielle asks if I can fix something
usually it's something simple
this time, however,