Tuesday, February 19, 2013


every day this close to the end
finds itself ever nearer the goal
cracked and sore
the twice daily shovelling
has extracted its toll
on my digits

yet there are times of lust
those moments of refinement turn to ecstasy
a sore spot for months
can find its solace
in beauty

I have an hour now
upon arrival
a fading glimmer of gold

and there's a multitude of minutae here

I step away
and bask in its form

and of course find another distraction


  1. So, is that the last of the chairs? Can you finally move on to something else? I find solace in knowing you also shovel by hand...

  2. Thanks Tico:)
    And, Shawn, thankfully this is the last of the chairs. There is still work left to do, however. After creating four individual chairs, certain details have been refined and revelations made, I may go back and rework a few spots on the second two, then a few more coats of finish on them all when the weather warms. I just can't decide what to work on next...