Sunday, January 25, 2015


in these depths of winter freeze
the lure of a cozy faux-leather office chair
adjacent to a free blowing hot air vent
is nearly impossible to overcome

but I do get my moments

while finishing up a few details the lumber I needed finally was had

I still needed a board jack to support the  big slabs

basically, a stick with holes with another stick stuck through

combined with the crochette, and now very ample leg vise

I can finally do this safely and efficiently

once one edge is flat the cut can be marked with a panel gauge
and ripped

each 70 inch length is trued on the top edge
a careful eye for wind and bow
and at least flat on the bottom

one face is brought square to the true edge
then carefully flattened completely

from there it is a simple job of marking the opposite face
and planing it to the line
re-square the edges if necessary 

I'm going to leave each slab in this state and move on to the next
I'm sure they will keep moving throughout the winter
and will need to be adjusted before gluing is possible again in the spring

this was a one time run tool I purchased over the summer
it finally arrived last week
used in conjunction with the Veritas sharpening jig it sure makes setting up simple