Friday, March 25, 2011


snow recedes, mounds becoming mole hills, everything that can bathes in the lengthened days, more frequent sunlight, graceful necks of ballerinas pierce last autumn's blanket, pillbugs frolic as the mat is puled away.

My thoughts are divided. I have a piece to make,
but so many steps left.

not steps

entire journeys

starting all over, scrub plane in hand, make this board flat

sharpen the jack, sharpen the fore 

get it close

that tiny thin line of perfection slivers away at the edge

the ruler no longer spins

no light along the board

it is true

now it is whole but will become many

it scares me

and I love this

Monday, March 7, 2011


Houston, we have a carcace

once again I fall into despair, I could have done all this with butt joints and screws!

but then again, these would never have happened

the front stretchers are ready

and it looks like it'll work, my tirade from the last post has subsided only to be replaced by other nagging thoughts

why is it plumb and square on one end and a sixteenth off on the other, all the joinery is taken from its corresponding mate, it should be absolutely perfect!

why did my plow driver plow my yard and not my drive today

how am I going to cut a five by five pegged mitered bridle joint and not have to pair the inside

with one damn big saw that's how!

and let's not forget to refer to my previous post "to the line"

this is a monster cut

starting at an acute corner with a thick bladed rip filed carcace saw and begin the kerf, a little aimng up and along the closest line, then down along the farthest, bring it even to join the two and any irregularities at the top can be shaved off with a markng knife, when it's right on both sides and everything's running smoothly in between, it's time for the big guns

and I wondered why I bought an eighteen inch four pound tenon saw

the real trick is to remember which side of the line to cut on

and once again, practice really does count in this adventure

almost bottoming out

If everything is marked well and the line just disappears under the blade it should fit together fine