Sunday, January 14, 2018


What follows is a visual essay

I've performed and recorded every one of these steps before

there's nothing new here

although eliminating the shooting board and just using my benchtop has been liberating

and I guess woking in pine has been new

everything goes twice as fast


and everything unplaned comes out fuzzy

and it's prone to spelch

and dings

and pretty much just breathing too hard on one spot

and it's impossible to erase errant marks

and you really have to watch the end of your cut

and take it easy

but joinery is almost cheating in pine

my tolerance in maple

fits the first time in pine

pine makes me feel like a woodworking demigod

in an hour I can realize something that in maple might take days

sorry, my "days" is simply "minutes" to someone else

although I did rough then smooth the curves on the legs in under an hour

that was my Tuesday

 the dry fit is so tight I feel the need to caress some of the joinery and just give it all some breathing room

a decision on finish is yet to come, I have just begun to walk that path