Friday, March 21, 2014

ad lib

as each piece is made, fitted, tweaked, and assembled
the process begins to dictate design

I could never see this interplay until the pieces were there

I've outlined the glue-up, and practiced it twice

maybe more
I can't remember how many times these parts have been mated

what begins as a tough squeeze
loosens up
every joint begins to simply slide together after a few runs

which is perfect
glue will swell the wood slightly, and no matter how fast you work that joint will never slide together like it did dry
any sloppy fit needs to be remedied

it's there, everything is made
all the joinery complete
minus the four round mortice and tenons in the top

i don't even have words more most of these parts

they're all just parts

let the shaping begin!

Thursday, March 13, 2014


there are few signs as welcome
as that of spring

some days it is warm enough to venture into the shop
some days the overwhelming desire to work
supersedes logic and wisdom

a couple well placed heaters
and a morning drive
can make it bearable

dimensioning this luscious walnut
finishes off the heating requirements

each set of mortice and tennon are different
laid out to fit their circumstance and necessities

all the joinery will be visible

just imagine the hours of saw practice I'm getting here

tenons on a mitered shoulder
no problem

acordingly angled mortices
a bit more finicky

strength is what is required here
I have no idea how much the top weighs
in addition to all the stress a dining table receives everyday

I want it to flex if it must
but not too much

up next: more clever joinery I haven't thought of yet...

Sunday, March 2, 2014


When the cat can no longer see the bird
it's time to get out of Cleveland

to Sir Richard Branson's private home; Necker Island
and the antithesis to my own work

one piece of wood, no joinery

left to fend for itself and create art in its wake

and I come back to reality
and the table
the weather has begun to relax
a little here, a little there, but the iron no longer sticks to my skin

this joint has plagued me since the beginning
I kept over thinking it, trying to make it more than it needs to be

maximum long grain glue surface

no frills


ok maybe one little peek of the joinery:)

and just like that one half of the base is joined

already the curves speak

I can always dream