Thursday, March 13, 2014


there are few signs as welcome
as that of spring

some days it is warm enough to venture into the shop
some days the overwhelming desire to work
supersedes logic and wisdom

a couple well placed heaters
and a morning drive
can make it bearable

dimensioning this luscious walnut
finishes off the heating requirements

each set of mortice and tennon are different
laid out to fit their circumstance and necessities

all the joinery will be visible

just imagine the hours of saw practice I'm getting here

tenons on a mitered shoulder
no problem

acordingly angled mortices
a bit more finicky

strength is what is required here
I have no idea how much the top weighs
in addition to all the stress a dining table receives everyday

I want it to flex if it must
but not too much

up next: more clever joinery I haven't thought of yet...

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