Sunday, March 2, 2014


When the cat can no longer see the bird
it's time to get out of Cleveland

to Sir Richard Branson's private home; Necker Island
and the antithesis to my own work

one piece of wood, no joinery

left to fend for itself and create art in its wake

and I come back to reality
and the table
the weather has begun to relax
a little here, a little there, but the iron no longer sticks to my skin

this joint has plagued me since the beginning
I kept over thinking it, trying to make it more than it needs to be

maximum long grain glue surface

no frills


ok maybe one little peek of the joinery:)

and just like that one half of the base is joined

already the curves speak

I can always dream


  1. Hey Carl,

    Do you plan on keeping the joint exposed on the underside of the table? If so, cool hidden gem for furniture geeks.