Sunday, November 6, 2016

lost and found

I have built nothing in the shop

I've sharpened irons
oiled blades
lubed my screws
straightened spades

oh crap

this is creative death by toddler

we read a lot of Seuss

I have created a few things not worthy of a post

a castle for our adoptee

a few new mounts for the museum

and then I am trying to turn this around
my daughter is going to need a workstation, kid sized but with room to grow
rounded corners so she doesn't damage that brain we are so carfully cultivating
cherry starts off a lovely pastel so it'll be a tad Hello Kitty for the first couple years
over time it will become rich and deep
a perfect pairing with bird's eye maple

maybe I could design the perfect balance of work surface and storage
and do some creative rounding to have more fun with the joinery
and maybe I'll just take a portion of that and make an end table
and then I forget where I left off

and we read more Seuss