Sunday, April 24, 2011


One step at a time...
I finished (well, cut and fit) the left side of the wine rack...

and then I stopped...
the gardens are in need of attention
sand needs to be carved
this pile needs to not be knee-deep in water

major exhibits need to be dismantled and shipped out
I really want to devote some serious time in this piece, but now seems to not be that time
I still, however, find the odd moment or two to do some work.
seventeen stretcher pieces all need to be cut, edged, planed, taken to thickness, and smoothed in preparation for the next step

the core carcasse is ready to be tackled, facing panels are leaning drunkenly along the drill press table, my camera is at the ready and software online to help figure those transitions, get the grain just right.
I still don't trust my own head
there's just so damn many weeds!