Friday, October 2, 2009


well, not really done.

There's still a bit of work straightening the top (it's a bit wonkey from it's natural viewing angle, one I've not yet experienced till tonight (reminder: work from P.O.V.)) and some bits of finishing left to do. I decided to break from tradition (and Arielle's repeated advice against, and mount the handle beneath the drawer. I did spend the time to shape the handle, clever angles and curves to snag the fingertips, a quick pop and it slides open. I could not for the life of me mar the face of the drawer, it serves as a graphic panel, perfectly flowing with the other three.

and oh man, the color! The curly cherry never sits still, it glimmers and undulates like fire!
The piece of glass was purchased specifically for the table, titled Wave, it was created by Cleveland artist Michael J Mikula