Wednesday, November 25, 2015

snail's pace

I was getting all fired up to scribe a diatribe on what little time I had to devote to my craft

And I realized that I had made a lot more progress than I thought since the last post

woodworking blog sequential photographic how-to opportunity missed

it's like some crappy nineties infomercial about "20 minutes a day"

but they're right

here's to you Ron Popeil

this build sold itself on the premise of tiny bursts of labor

the endless progression of steps

I've practiced this dance before

ok, so some of these sessions lasted more than twenty minutes

working brass is the same, just a slower version of working wood

and it's not like I really do twenty minutes every day

some days I just go out and stare at the wall

and remember when conversation didn't just consist of monosyllabic babble
or commentary on sleeping and defecation habits

I've also had weeks of trial and error finding appropriate hardware

when it all comes together and the knob is tight
and the fence is in line with the body
and the is no movement from square

then it is right