Saturday, August 25, 2012

I want a pony!

what I really wanted was a horse
but there just isn't space in the garage

last time I did one of these chairs I clearly recall
how much fun it is trying to do draw knife and spokeshave work with a bench vice

so I borrowed a page from an antique Schwarz magazine

made some shavings

checked for wind

created piles

and made more shavings

this is how you know if you got it right

and there it is
twenty hours from slab to tool

another couple for handles

I'm ready for those chairs!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

one small step

busy is good
money-making busy
but it does detract from creative busy
that which does not earn money
at least not often

the last hibiscus bloomed this morning
coinciding with the third chair being joined
six morticses for the crests
and six for the back slats
are all that remain

a shaving pony is my next little adventure
and my travisher should arrive soon
so the real fun can begin

I have some new ideas for the shape of the seat
hopefully making the side view more interesting
and the exposed joinery will make them all the more dynamic

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


This process of three, to match the first
fails to bring me any new revelation
there's no way in hell I could do this for a living
making the same piece over and over
or worse still
in series

don't get me wrong,
it's still the process I enjoy the most
though the lack of mystery leads me to sloth

deja vu
I've been here, done this,
it's even hard to get new pictures

so these are a sort of fill in the blank

can you figure out where they go in the past few posts?

they are in order chronologically

and then there were two

sorry, I just had to share this magic moment, this little feller posed for a good ten minutes