Wednesday, May 9, 2012


long ago I read an article about traffic jams
a butterfly flaps its wings and Chicagoland is now another hour away

(insert non-sequitor here)

I failed you, good reader
too many events and projects piled up
the flow from my fingers stopped
I apologize

I did finish the table
it's exquisite

the process of finishing for me happens over time, a few parts are finished partly
finished completely

assembled to other assemblies
allowing other components to be fashioned

and finished
and assembled into a whole

which may or may not require further finishing

there exists a tedium that one feels not important to blog about

and then life steps in

a sand sculpture
the season opener
the true test of sand sculptor savvy
grind the rust off those tools and prepare for some more

then it's home to do more finishing 
and then it's done
and I bring it inside for the first time

and then receive the Felinus domesticus seal of approval

then it's off the the other other shop where i get to do as I've always wanted

turn this mother inside out and start from scratch
sensible lumber storage

copious work space

intelligent storage
work flow for three speedy workers

and no more goddamn questions about where anything is!
I've got over a month and so far have spent no money
all reclaimed lumber from previous occupants