Sunday, February 16, 2014


oh endless malestrom
bringer of sloth
so many perfect days dashed by your frigid embrace
shoveling becomes my ritual
a scant day it is when the freeze abates

gifts to others still in the works

I'm avoiding the table
of course

it's lustrous surface sheds the dust which tries to settle
I've watched it move all winter
it should do fine in the house

finally the massive lapped leg joints are cut

it's such a big joint I'm actually a bit nervous of movement
how far can I cross glue walnut before it rends itself twain

the prototype is now gone
all further work stems from this point
and this piece
these are all new angles

and new joinery I'm going to have to envision


  1. Great title as always. I woke up to ice on the inside of my bathroom windows; I've become accustom to knowing this means it's really effin cold out. This winter needs to end soon.

    If you want a heated shop, there is a nice community shop on the West side ( I just joined. We need more hand tool enthusiasts. Please hit me up if you're interested.

    I can't wait to see your progress after the weather breaks. Stay warm Carl.


    1. Thanks, Shawn!
      I think it's more the doldrums of driving home and seeing the sunset in your mirror, parking out front so you can make a path to the garage. Weekends on the other hand are a blessing. I go run an errand or two, park the truck, fire up the heaters and I'm good to go for the day. Just like going outside, it takes a little longer.
      It's more my fear that needs to break than the weather. I've got a heavy top, and spidery legs, with no lower stretchers, and I have to elevate the top. The joinery has to be more than substantial, or it will wiggle like jello on the sidewalk.
      I've dragged this out for four years so far, what's another?
      just kidding, I'm ready to see some Spring!