Saturday, November 16, 2013


This past month has brought with it some profound changes
and I've taken my grief and frustration out on my table
the underside has been left in a very raw state
I want to remember this month every time I touch it

cross-grain scrub planing leaves tell-tale texture
but I needed the edges to be smooth
using a block plane I transitioned the underside from the edge in
it offers an extraordinary tactile  experience

to get everything crisp and even requires moving around
a lot
lines change when you change position, the faces interact
and if they are not perfect huge wiggles happen

I could work these edges for another week, but I'm not gonna

except for drilling the round mortices for the base connection the top is done
it needs a few coats of polyacrylic but I can do that anytime

the next step is to get hauling on the base
that means big walnut
and some complicated joinery I have yet to figure out

for no good reason other than being fed up with the beige wallpaper peeling off my walls
I took a week off and ripped, patched and painted the future home of this project

Goodbye, sweet SE


  1. It looks as if you lost a well-loved cat.
    I'm sure that some of mine will see me out but you can't improve on a relaxed cat.

    I like the texture of the top. Many years ago I went to a hurriedly-arranged meeting in Westminster, in Church House, as I recall. There was a huge table in the room that had the top finished in a diagonal scrub-pattern. Instead of planing in down flat - as is normal, the maker (many, many years ago) had left the top 'au naturel' from his plane. Polished and buffed, it looked great. Moreover the legs had what appeared to be a perched hawk carved on the up-rights.

    Good luck, I think that the base should be draw-bored ............ but that's me.


    1. Still getting over the loss, been a long, cold and lonely winter.
      I would love for that to be the top, it is, alas, the underside, I've not quite gathered the cojones to make that move to the other side. You have, however, made me rethink a great deal of the base. And honestly, if the draw-bore would help the tightness of my joinery I'm all for it!