Sunday, September 23, 2012


 My crazy, hectic schedule has left little time for the shop
but I manage, nonetheless, to find a few moments here and there

I've discovered that my new travisher makes a great scrub plane for curved surfaces
with it I can hog away material at a phenomenal rate 

this walnut splinters and tears out so fast when paring
I have to be very careful as these joints will be highly visible

tenons; not so much
but it is exciting to split the pencil line on such a small piece!

I'll keep the crest rail solid till after glue-up then finish cutting the hole when there's less chance for failure

and just for giggles, I put together this little video to hone (start learning) the process of video shooting and editing with my new GoPro HD


  1. Looking good Carl. Love the vid too. Is that Rodrigo y Gabriela rockin' in in the background? If so, it's an even better post. I gotta make my way over to the East side again.


    1. Thanks Shawn!
      I'm very pleased with the results so far, and I'm gearing up for a full shoot in the sand in November, so I am trying to get the hang of the camera. I spared you all the torture of the head mounted POV films.
      And yes R&G seemed perfectly appropriate:)