Monday, September 16, 2013


 thanks Mr. Schwarz
you've seriously done me in this time

 I got it into my head that I really needed just a small project to bring me out of my slump
no matter that I just did a ninety hour work week and would see a sixty on the near horizon

 forty year old  birdseye maple
they were making window framing out of this back then
it could not just end up in the dumpster

 I can get two squares from this piece
only two

 I decided to go for the original design; mortice and tennon
and I had recently acquired an eighth inch sash mortice chisel

 hmm, maybe antiques aren't all up to snuff

 I braved through the rest with a bench chisel and can say it's not nearly as much fun as it is with a pig sticker

 yup, that looks like anarchy to me

 simply planed this wood is stunning, the figure is tiny and abundant

 and I'm trying to learn all my molding profiles


  1. Isn't it so relieving to just create something instead of analyzing it. It's a great way to work out the funk so to speak. Looks good.


    1. yep! I agree, fifteen minutes a day sure beats therapy! And thanks:)