Tuesday, July 8, 2014


seriously, what do I write about finishing

~*o*~ Oh! today I put the fifth coat of oil urethane :)
tomorrow I'll sand it at 400 till it's dull :P
then I'll alternate three hour stints of polyacrylic ;&
and 600 grit till I collapse from exhaustion ~*o*~

I've exhausted more Borg store packets of sand paper than I'd care to admit

I've encased

mummified this top

that was a few weeks ago
life happens in between

the table is done
so far
like the chairs
everything needs another coat
maybe someday I'll sand every surface of everything I've done and give it another coat

or not

my friend stopped by and together we moved the table to its
for now
final resting spot

the cats approve


  1. Sweet.

    Where did you get the wood again?

    Any sand sculptures this year at Huntington Beach?

    1. Hey Shawn,
      The maple slabs I bought from Dean at Metro Hardwoods, the walnut is an eclectic mix of Ohio Woodlands, Woodcraft and a good friend of mine from the museum.
      And yes, there are three chances to check out the sand: Huntington, Avon Lake and Mentor Headlands:)