Sunday, August 10, 2014


I feel guilty that many if not most of my pieces are for the shop
fixtures and jigs
storage, tools, and work holding
but I'm pretty sure this tops the cake

when complete there will be six inches of perpendicular clamping
and hopefully six inches of horizontal travel

this screw is probably more suited to a Moxon style vise
but I think the point of force will be a tremendous advantage

these are your typical half blind dovetails
in 12/4 stock
with a twist

I spent hours excavating the first one

for the next three I definitely will use the drill press

all the pieces are dimensioned
the joinery begun

I'm sure there will be modifications, alterations, adjustments and additions
and will try to keep you posted


  1. 6" of "perpendicular" travel? Does that mean it's going to to up and down? I'm not following. And where is the hardware from? It was good seeing you this weekend Carl.


    1. Hey Shawn, nice to see you and your family too! By perpendicular clamping I mean to be able to clamp six inches into the bench in the vertical format; cutting tenons, etc. and that the vise will travel about six inches back and forth to serve as a shoulder vise, so clamp boards upright, and clamp boards to the bench top for surface planing and rabbeting. No idea where the screw came from other than Arielle's dad.