Wednesday, October 22, 2014


my weekends have been spent hunting down elusive slabs of wood
how many beauties I've passed
I'd have a garage full by now if I stopped to pick each rose

what I seek instead is one with straight, even grain
boring old pieces yellowed from the store's florescent daylight

as I plane the transformation is unspeakable
some have been hiding immaculate fiddleback
most of which will be concealed once again

with each new section, the original bench is dismembered
only a couple bits have given me any fight

I really didn't know that much back then

the only thing holding some of the sections together was a Masonite spline

amazing what you learn in a few years

I still need a bench

it's my feeble attempt to keep enough mass containing dog holes to continue work

right now the center section remains the original bench top
the tool trough will inhabit the right hand upper third
for me, the most rarely used parcel except for stashing my winding sticks and hold fasts

the mountain I alluded to earlier is that from my planes
an endless stream emanates from the various versions of my bench

so many surfaces!
and they must mate
at least as close as I am willing to take them
I remind myself that it is a bench
the only one who will look at it closely is myself
and that, I will
so any imperfection will nag at me forever

in creating three sections
or rather two new sections and wedging in an ever dwindling core of the original
I've been able to manage the wind that plagues a multiple lamination

the end vise has been properly installed as is currently in heavy use

and making high marks for both of its intended purposes

each face presents a new challenge
a new work out
some more aches
a couple blisters, though those are by now few and far between

and a hell of a lot more glue than I would have imagined

and no you are not imagining; the front apron is not pounded home
I can still get a flat bar in to pop it free and the whole top comes apart

just a funny thought...

all those years ago I bored the dog holes 4 and a half inches apart
guess what the optimum distance based on the travel of the end vise is...


  1. Just discovered your creative blog.
    I like the botanical preludes.
    I like the free verse descriptions.
    I like the artful camera angles.
    I like the tools.
    I like understanding your design and build approach.
    I like the final products.
    Grace and peace,

    1. Jeff, you get me:)
      Grace and peace to you, my friend