Wednesday, May 27, 2015


taking advantage of every available moment

a half an hour before dinner must be made

maybe an hour on the weekend

after all there's still gardening to do

some activities take only a few moments

it's finally warm enough to glue
I figured, why not let gravity help out a bit

then laying the slab out, constantly checking for wind

I'm grateful there is no other jointing to be done

there is an entire top to flatten
I did end up with a touch of wind, and a bit of a hump on one end
a few more half hour shifts
I learnt to spin the slab on the base
probably not good for the base

speaking of which

a new pair of upper stretchers had to be made

ancient two-by's work for this

slotted lag bolt joinery all the way
and it's whole again

days of details await

till then


  1. Hey Carl, a few questions:

    - What is the make of the axe?
    - Is that the Blue Spruce Sloyd knife and do you like it?
    - What leg vise hardware is that?


    1. Hey Shawn,
      That's the Hans Karlsson New Sloyd axe, it is simply amazing all around. the knife is the small Blue Spruce Sloyd knife and yes I love that too, it is perfect for chamfering dog holes and other exacting details. The vise hardware, seriously don't know, it was a gift from my father-in-law to whom it was a gift as well, no maker marks, it's fairly primitive but works like a charm.