Tuesday, February 2, 2021



Seriously! How am I to write about anything but rage?

450,000 Americans dead, a federal government that is only just now getting on the right page,  I'm on 1/4 income and enduring on-line kindergarten at least three days a week. I'm trying to do whatever work I can at home in the midst and I have no creative thoughts whatsoever. 

But I was busy. 

47 weeks 

that's how long it's been since we shut down CLE

I finished the functional part of the bed, not the drawers yet, gonna have to wait till lumber prices return to normal

I envisioned and created a bed stand for my daughter

and I haven't found even the tiniest inclination to write it

I took great and comprehensive photos of the entire process, well lit, nicely composed, able to be described by a single word

and totally neglected my poor readers (all three of you)

It was truly liberating to design and build a piece in less than two months. 

so following that revelation I'm embarking on a whole new project, twin pieces in two completely divergent species, pieces that can be produced in a relatively short period of time and can be made in duplicate.

I'll try really hard to keep you updated.

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