Sunday, January 3, 2010

oh yea, the chairs...

So getting back to the shop after a two week vacation has been a delight. Never thought I'd go away somewhere nice, say Napa Valley

and Chicago , and actually miss being home. But a week spent in my girlfriend's parents' house, hearing the whine of the dust collector, snarl of radial arm saw, weed-wacker staccato of random orbital sander, made me miss my shop.

Ideas which I've approached, torn apart, reassembled, thrown out, recovered, seem to get lost in the perpetual separation of vacation. An understanding that drawings aren't always necessary.

Absence from your norm is therapy for your soul.

I learned a lot more about things other than woodworking.
I really picked up the value of other people. What some one else means to me. When that one shines that glimmer of one-ness.

I've decided the chairs will reflect this, four pieces, as a whole each reflecting one. I can't say they will be about another specific person, but each will include a bit of place, that centers each object through a physical artifact of being with another person.

Mysterious, huh? Just you wait.

Of course, I missed my cats too!

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