Friday, January 8, 2010

Looking back

Last year about this time I was waist deep in my own smoother, some folks have seen the pics, some very lucky few have had the chance to hold it, caress it, heft it, and even fewer still have made a shaving with it, no not a shaving really, a whisp..

So here's how it's done..

Buy some stuff...
dense luscious wood (LET IT DRY FIRST!!!!) good thick carbon steel, even thicker brass, and oh yea, an iron (really that should have been your first step, shoulda been mine too, but, well, now you know)
Since pictures say a thousand words, I'm going to shut up...

It is hands-down my favorite plane in the shop, it undoubtedly has its place, only used to put that final show finish on the surface, but damn does it feel good!

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