Sunday, February 21, 2010


there comes a time in every step when enough is enough...

enough cutting

enough shaping

enough smoothing

that next step will hold back further progress until it is accomplished

a Cleveland glue-up is a menacing task. It does seem I get more time in the shop during the winter, but it's impossible to glue. Everything gets hauled inside; parts, clamps, chisels, rasps. You'll only know you've forgotten something when you need it most. Care must be taken to ensure the optimum temperature of the wood is achieved before the extreme climate change readjusts all your joinery. After everything is glued, the whole damn thing needs to be transported again, upstairs for the glue to find its happiest set. Then it's out to the shop again to prep for the next glue-up, and it's deja-vu all over again.

I couldn't continue to shape the piece until it was solid, now I can focus on those lines which will flow through the whole thing...

It's seriously sturdy, was so even before the glue-up, but now there's no creaking, less flex, it feels rock hard. At this point I'm more worried about material failure than insufficient joinery.

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