Monday, February 8, 2010

to glue...

or not to glue...

I've read that designing a chair is the single most difficult of wood working undertakings. A table needs only to be as structurally sound as that which it faced with.

Remember; glass tables do shatter in movies, but then again shooting a hole around your feet to fall through to the next floor works too.

A chair requires the deftness of shape paired with the strength of joinery and bulk.
Much like a sand sculpture, you can only create within the boundaries of physics. It has to be able to withstand several hundred pounds, awkwardly.

I'm there, I've removed as much bulk and retained enough. I've assemble and deconstructed.
I've eaten breakfast atop the dry fit and checked the lower back support. It feels right, it looks right, but there's still the lap, the hole, the focus. Then again there's still the further deconstruction for documentation, rounding, smoothing planing, and the seat needs to be carved. I'm 100% daunted by that task, but filled with anticipation of its fruition.

Till then, here it is, closing yet further, I really have no deadline.

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