Monday, September 26, 2011


they may be small but I made 'em!

So this is how it feels

to carry something for nine months,
every waking moment in awe and wonder
and fear and whatever else you might assign to its despicable yet haunting existence
the light of day only a footstep outside your understanding
a glimmer in the distance

these dovetails will NEVER come apart

when it's over that's it

it's just over

why does it have to be?

funny thing is, when one project ends, another begins

the former piece of furniture was lovely 
beautifully made, exquisitely finished
but so completely wrong for the room I'm (oh so freaking) slowly creating

as it was relocated to a more appropriate part of the house, I decided to check what was under the carpet

mmmm oak
unfinshed oak
oh man

lucky for me dewaxed shellac and  water based poly's are quick, easy, and durable
hey look, a new floor!
thanks, Arielle, for being understanding of my obsession

so here it is, a new room

sans paint
and a stepback

and some new moulding
and the table I started two years ago
and the other three chairs

oh crap

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