Sunday, March 18, 2012

the f-bomb

I had all these great ideas today for a video
just a sweet little thing
maybe a bit of bluegrass to quell the heart of the Schwarz

incredibly quick little details
a few swipes of my dovetail saw
a whack or two from my chisel and mallet
a lithe touch of the finest rasp

no one will ever see these but me
no one will ever take the time to kneel down,
peer through the portal
discern the shadows
embrace the detail

of course
you will have to pull the drawer to ever glimpse of these wonders

why? you ask

I laugh
just because
I didn't do shit like this before now
so there's no video

because I suck at documenting these things
you're lucky I take the photos I do

and for Pete's sake, actually take the time to post them
I have to STOP
yes, stop, working
and take a photo

and later when I'm not working and seeking satisfaction through the myriad aches and pains of the day
dig through those photos, sort and process them
add them to this god-forsaken blog that none of you (at least as far as I know) even looks at the way, thanks for commenting...

seriously, three years
has none of you ANYTHING to say,
or anything otherwise

fine, I'll just keep doing as I've done and write this for myself

I do like looking at the photos, especially the seasonal ones, makes sense of the years and months and days gone past
I love seeing the snow in July, the flowers in January

I love going backward through a piece, dissecting it,
then fast forwarding, nine months in a few minutes

I hope all you vicarious trolls out there are enjoying this
I sure am


  1. Well? You gonna finish the damn thing, or what?



    1. Getting to it, you know how i LUV finishing >:P

  2. Hey; I just got here! Beautiful work, nice tools, interesting blog. All is good!