Sunday, March 4, 2012




when you really feel like getting down and dirty

there’s always a boulder

there's always something waiting to trip, something waiting to devour, to suck away your time and money

April menaces from the future, lurking in the shadows of Saturdays wasted,

yup, taxes

nonetheless this is a magical time for me


that time between solstice and equinox

I’m home for three or four months
I live at the museum

and in my shop

in both I set challenges...

this piece will be just as its predecessors


I’ve got to raise an entire tabletop plus drawer and apron
at least three eighths of an inch atop a seriously strong base

and put my forty pound ficus on it
and a cat or two

oops, not gonna do, haunched tenon anyone?

the “struts” as they are now endowed need to support the weight and torque
of cat and plant

a scant scrap or two would work, a quick ninety degree grain reversal, had to find burl

luckily there’s a lot of those just laying around

that’s the end you cut off, silly!

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