Sunday, December 28, 2014


Oh the tides of season

the shorter days bring me into the shop

it's time to think about Xmas

and those impossible to please

I give you my all

please be humbled

and when I am done with you

I will continue

 la crochet (removable)

 and the bench hook I've forever dreamed

oh, and Happy Holidays!


  1. Hey Carl,

    Is that some type of exotic on the panel gauge or is it a spalted walnut? I've never seen anything like that: simply gorgeous!

    1. Hey Shawn,
      That is the bark side off-cut from the breadboard ends of my dining table. Bit of spalting in the sap wood. I resawed this particular piece to make two gauges, the first I smoothed the bark surface away, this one I simply rubbed with plane shavings to burnish the top surface, it's quite beautiful and tactile.
      By the way; nice interview!