Tuesday, January 22, 2013


how did you begin wood working?
when did that errant thought enter your otherwise (or not) unreceptive mind
and you sat down, overwhelmed by the thought of this new-found future unfolding before you
beginning in the exact moment you will now cherish forever

and you created monuments and mementos and diaries
to immortalize that moment and not let it go wasted
and even now you are reading this asking why you are not out in the shop
remembering why you started doing this to begin with

before that moment the thought had never occurred to me
gee...I'm going to start wood working
I had a circular saw and could cut lengths of borg store pine to make shelves stacked by cinder block
and I made plenty of other stuff
paintings and assemblages and sculptures and parade floats
and sand sculptures

then I met Arielle

and we needed furniture
furniture we could live with and use
and would have to look at for however long it lasted
and sure it was a little more expensive (still that borg store pine)
but I could make it to suit

and then I thought...
time for a shop
because with a table saw I could do this

and with that I could do this
and after that how bout a router
needs a table
and now a drill press, and a sander, and a band saw, and a...
hey wait, this all costs alot and I haven't really made anything with it yet

looking back I could have spent all that money on hand tools and this would have come out so much better

 luckily I didn't have to look far, I fell in love with tools, and the process and the fact that I had neigboors and there was a river running through my shop in the monsoon season
and it was DARK

and through this all I discovered joinery other than butt
and made something for comission
not that it didn't actually cost me money to make it

and then an abode that tingled my imagination happened our way

and the obsession was allowed to run amok

so this is pretty much where my blog begins
you may want to go back to the start and refresh yourself
some of it makes sense now
hopefully most of it doesn't
the pictures tell a story
and the story I write is not always perfect


  1. I love that last hand plane! Interesting summary of how most of us start, than wise up, and start again - and begin to get it...

  2. thanks, that plane was a gift for a friend, you may find bits of it in a long past post.
    I guess what I really want here is: how did you get started? I know we all have different stories, what's yours?