Monday, January 7, 2013


It's strange how returning to your normal life can feel comforting
familiar scents, and sights
a new look at past pieces
I actually want to work on the fourth and final chair
the third is finally done, and being used

and some honest wood translates its future
warning me of failure
prompting me to rectify

 this key was then rippped with a flush cut saw
and a twin is born

the knowledge of the last three has left me forlorn
I know how much work there is
and all I really want to be doing is making joints
working the flats
and edges
instead there are only curves
and creases

Getting away from everything familiar
and embarking on a somewhat now familiar adventure

has brought with it a new found desire to make

I can finish the last chair in a few weeks, while the weather's cold
and the motion strenuous

in the meantime there are a few other matters to attend to

Australopithecus, anyone?

Can't show you any more of this one, you must please visit it in situ

Children's Museum of Cleveland, till April '13

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