Thursday, January 10, 2013


today, after an excruciating day at work I relaxed to a TED Talks
and a beer
Cynthia Lair, an organic food educator discussed her method of introducing people
to the process of cooking
as almost, a technique
to zen with the process
the idea of cooking to cook  at the moment
and I got to thinking that this was the whole reason I love to work wood
or sculpt in sand
or for that matter cook dinner

and there's a bigger thinking behind that
the whole reason I graduated to hand tools (and fell in love with sand sculpture)
was to get a closer relation
to the tools
the material
and the process

I would not have to don protective wear any more
I could plane a board at ten thirty at night if I wanted
though I still have to restrict mortise chopping to normal decent hours
and I could listen to Pandora without need for either external speakers or headphones

most of the time I forget to turn on the tunes
working has it's own rhythm
and it finds itself in the process
which is dictated by the tool
as described by the action
necessary to remove the material
to create the surface
the piece demands

by the way I hone my kitchen knives with each use too

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